Friday, July 19, 2013

Braless Celebrities, Is Less the new more! (Britney, Rihanna, Miley, & Lindsay Rock out with there nips out)

Nowadays it seems like girls feel the need to sell sex in order to get proper attention, nothing wrong with owning your sexuality, but there is a time and place. Everyone is taking more clothes off from pop stars to
oscar worthy actresses. There is the artistic expression, and then there is just soft core porn. These leading ladies in Hollywood all seem to be rocking a particular look where they are" ALMOST TOPLESS", aka braless: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Britney Spears, & Lindsay Lohan know this look all to well.

I guess you would consider them the new Madonna's, or Marilyn Monroe's using their assets to sell shock value & get attention, or just expressing their sexuality either way it looks like the "Less is more Look" is here to stay. Not to say these girls aren't talented in their own right, but one has to wonder if they weren't showing off all of this overt sexuality would they still be as relivant.
From Jail. Drugs, Disney Days, Rehabs, a Music Career, oh yeah the DUI. Lindsay Lohan is at the point of "Bad Girl", and after the Marilyn Monroa themed Play Boy Spread there is no return, well unless Oprah can work her magic. The Mogul & Network owner is giving Lindsay a reality show on OWN, set to air in 2014. let's not forget the girl who started using what she had to get what she wanted Marilyn Monroe who happens to be an influence of Lindsay's. 

People forget that Rihanna is from Barbados & that culturally west-indians are sexual beings
and I really get the impression that Rihanna gives 0 Fucks about what we think, & is just expressing
herself as well as her roots.

Lady gaga another wearing to little, but then again there are times where she has her high fashion
moments, and its safe to say that like her inspirations: David Bowie, Grace Jones, & Madonna
Gaga is not only selling shock value, sex, also the need to be seen. 

From Disney to "Controversey", like Miley says in her new explicit, twerk-friemdly 

The Song only out for a month and has already has 83M + views on YOUTUBE, and it looks as if Miley is trying to grow up, & find her self as a young adult.

So What Do you think, these girls are doing it for the publicity, or just trying to be themselves and
they can't help if it gets them noticed!

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