Sunday, July 21, 2013

Man Of Steel Sequaul, with a cameo from the Dark Knight himself!

The "MAN OF STEEL" sequal to get a coming appearance of the "DARK KNIGHT" Batman himself, The Director Zack Snyder gave the news on stage @ the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, Ca. The Movie will get the approval of Dark Knight Director Christopher Nolan & Wife Emma Thomas are expected to Executive Prod., & the majority of the main features in part 1 are expected to return the star Henry Cavil as the MAN OF STEEL himself, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Christian Bale as well, not the Dark Knight seeing as the star has stated he has no plans to be in the sequal.

I think we are all thinking the same thing, it just won't be the same without Christian, The Man of Steel sequal is expected to arrive sometime in the summer of 2015, so hopefully before they begin filming they find a worthy enough componenent who can fill the shoes of Bale.

Either way the combination of the 2 Box Office Mega Comic Hits = Instant Success$$$$

A passage from the Classic Comic read out loud by Actor Harry Lennox from "The Dark Knight Returns" where Batman tells Superman "remember the man who beat you". 

We will be watching with popcorn & Twizzlers in hand How bout' you, Will You Go and see the battle of  the super hero titans, or pass?? 

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