Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top 5 Best Online Sites for Music!(In No Particular Order)

The Internet has created a "Multi-Platform", through which artists & entrepreneurs across the board can showcase their art, of just be narcissistic and talk about "self".We took the Liberty of getting the top 5 Online sites in which an artist can showcase their music, the listener can stream free radio, and discover new music based on your likes, or taste.

Last FM started in 2009 in the U.K. and has sense been purchased for $280M by CBS Interactive.

The Site has over 40 Million users worldwide, and is a way to find new artist through their streaming radio, Download Free MP3's from random artist from Pop 2 Indie.

Ther is also a #SocialNetworking component you can add friends, start/or join groups, and leave comments on artist pages explaining how much of a groupie you are.

THE service is free in the U.K., U.S., & Germany While users in: Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, & Brazil requre a subscription afer you have listend to a certain amount of tracks.

Myspace AKA the New Myspace

Was once the Social Network to goto, now its pretty much a ghost town, beside the users who use it
to find out about new indie artist. It's also re-established itslelf as platform for social entertainment. The site was purchased in 2011 by Specific Media & Singer/Actor Justin Timberlake it has gone through a vast stage of evolutionary change. Myspace is such a big part of the music industry stateside that its charts help factor who's #1  for Billboard Hot 100, and as of 2013 it has more then 50Million users worldwide, which is an increase.

Discover/Buy Music from your fav artist, to the "No-named" bands trying to make their way in the
music industry. The Site also has a nifty radio where you can create a station from a: song title, artist, or genre of music.

Cons: Due to the fact that people still think of myspace as a component of #SOCIALMEDIA, there is a dated factor about it being the Grandpa to #socialmedia sites like Twitter, & Tumblr! Also  as much as people claim they are leader, they really just like to play "Follow the Leader", instead of doing what they really want cause when you think about it if you really want to get on myspace you should give 0 Fucks about what others think, especially if you are a music connoisseur

Everyone Loves Pandora Internet Radio in certain countries that is but we will get to that later, 
pandora has 800,000 tracks, by 80,000 artist with 80Million users. 

Free Internet Radio, and with their new "Variety" feature you can spice-it up with another artist, song, or genre. You can Create up to 100 free stations... 

Pandora is only available to U.S., New Zealand, & Australia, & the internet ads are so annoying that 
might make your eargasm turn into a "bloody tampon, behind your ears". You have to pay to stream without internet ads. 

Soundcloud is a place to be for listeners, DJs, & rappers. 20Million + users.

Pros: its FREE, You can Upload original Mixes, & Music, & even Download.

Limited hosting space, so you have to pay for extra if you have any thoughts on uploading,
or allowing users to download more of your tracks and sets.

ReverbNation is really a wild card, it was either this or youtube. Thats because the focus is indie as a whole, not to mention the site gets 30 Million hits per month, so if you are a starving artist this is the perfect place to get full.

Pros: Promote your music, connect with other musicians or management, & you can even create your own apps for Apple/or Android. Enter Talent Competitions to showcase your talent.

You have to Pay for Digital Distribution, I mean you would either way weather you or a producer foot the bill. You have to also Pay for gig finder if you want the cream of the crop. 

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