Monday, August 12, 2013

Is Katy Perry Biting Sara Bareilles swag with new song #ROAR

One music blog feels that Katy Perry is copying Sara Bareilles song called "Brave", even though Sara has even stated that the song is about her friend "coming out of the closet", and Katy's record is just an uplifting song period "Firework" anyone. The only common denominator is both songs have a modern pop sound, which is traditional in Katy Perry's music, & even though Katy Perry has more success on the charts, and better dividends @ the Bank (KATY PERRY $55M to Sara Bareilles $12M), that has a lot to do with the fact that Katy is on a major label and is not as hands on as Sara, all though the  records have similar vibes the lyrical content is totally different not to mention even the beat has a tiny correlation but to YAHOO MUSIC please sit the phuck down, and shut the hell up, next time do your homework b4 accusing someone of jacking some1's style.

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