Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cyberbullies, & Sexism leave a Girl Hospitalized

A girl went into a frenzy when pictures of her giving Blowjobs, to 2 young men surfaced on the internet. This all went down this past weekend @ an Eminem Concert in Ireland.

In one Photo the guy puts his hands up as if he won the lotto, while the girl was servicing him, and in another you see the same boy with his hands up the girls skirt. The Girl is seen in a different photo giving another guy a BJ, & sources from BBC have cited that the Irish Police Department are now doing an investigation due to the fact the the girl is a minor(17y.o.)

The pix went viral: twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and worldwide with the hashtag #SlaneGirl, the fact that the girl gets cyberbullied and had to be sedated, & hospitalized says it all.

Society shouldn't deem it ok for a man to recieve the casual sex, and the girl to be ostracized & made out to be a villain, when there are 2 people having sex.

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