Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is Rihanna Style Inspired by Whitney Houston?!

80's Whitney
00'S Rihanna

The Thing with image is that its debatable who started the trend and where the source of it all came from, I will admit to being a Rihanna fan as well as Whitney's, But when you listen to Rihanna's concerts the way she shows fan appreciation like she does in almost all of her shows "You are my favorite fans in the world, etc". Similar to how Whitney would, or course I'm not saying that Rihanna is on Whitney's level in terms of talent, no on is Whitney is THE VOICE! 

Let's face it in terms of popularity Rihanna is up there with the best. You Notice the looks Whitney was donning in the 80s, Rihanna and Co went back and did alittle bit of New Millennium Flavor, you even see below a Look Whitney Wore in the early 90s and Rihanna again went back to to chew alittle with the RED LACE ENSEMBLE! 

There are many celebs male and female who are inspired by Whitney Houston from Jessie J, to Brandy, Even Katy Perry, we just noticed Rihanna had been biting Nippy's swag alittle hard!

Your Thoughts!!

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