Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lady gaga & Katy Perry Might Notch another Record under their belt.

Lady gaga & Katy Perry Might be the 1st Artists to both have debut singles sell higher the 400K in 1st week sales, which @ this rate and with all the hype + rivalry the pop Divas are bound to land top of the charts. In an interview with Ryan Searcrest gaga also stated their is no beef with her & Perry!

& all though their singles are due to both log upward 400,000 units in sales for gaga's Applause, & Perry's ROAR, Gaga is winning the youtube battle her Audio for

APPLAUSE AUDIO 9Million+ views & her Lyric Video a tribute to the Gay Community already has 1M + Views.

Katy Perry ROAR 7M+

People like to compare the to, but alot of their fans are similar their are #KATYKATS &
 #MONSTERS Who like both artist so the comparison is some what simple minded, I
mean when male artist come out the media never tries to pit them against one another.

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