Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Russia a shining beacon of HATE(#Racist & #Homophobic tendencies)

Russia and its war like mentality are have once again gone to far, recently a gay russian teen has recently died due to bullying & torturing through the Neo-Nazi movement.The Russian Teens are lured through Russian Social Network sites that promo gay dating, once you respond you get captured, & then they post these horrific displays of violence online, there are also similar protests against the country for being racist as the same organization has posted youtube clips of them beating innocent men of color mainly immigrants.

 Organizations such as Change.org and The Whitehouse's "We The People", have started petitions banning homophobic lawmakers from receiving visa's and to freeze U.S. Bank Accounts. The Even sadder part of the story is that if news is being reported correctly the vast majority of the Russian populous agree with this kind of #HOMPPHOBIC mentality, a Pew Research Center found the 3 of 4 citizens in Russia feel that "Society should reject gays all together". Now This is just a poll that reflects a certain demographic of the country with a fleeing youth, and a government where there is #Censorship and limited freedom one can only think that those who oppose might feel like this might happen to them. This anti-gay regime that is even supported by the Russian Government, has already started to receive backlash Bars on the international scale have begun to boycott Russian Vodka to protest.

There is even a motion in talks to protest against the 2014 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Russia, something has to give cause once the Russian Vodka dumps begins the message should be loud & clear that bullying or hate affiliated crimes aren't welcome on any level, shape or form.

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