Monday, August 26, 2013

STOP THE HATE: Trangender Dies After Being Beaten in front of NYC Police Station

This may come as no surprise considering the lack of empathy/sympathy from N.Y.P.D, but a Transgender was  Horendously Teased/Beaten right in front of the Harlem Police station in Manhattan, New York.

According to the victims Islan Nettles mother, which is the name of victim. The group of males did things like: “Calling her  f****t, they were called he-she’s, she males, things of that sort,” Nettles’ mother said.

Islan was a Fashion student who was small, and seemingly fragile. After she was beaten repeatedly, "IN FRONT OF POLICE STATION", where there are cameras, & police officers, Islan went into a coma, after being hospitalized on Aug 16th, 2013. Not even a week later on Aug 21st, 2013 Islan had passed away after being taken off of Life-support which is usually done in sever situations where if the person regains consciousness they would be turn into a vegetable(Brain Dead).

One of the defendants caught for this revolting crime Paris Wilson was released on a $2K Bail, & hasn't been brought up on charges of murder as of yet, even though the proof is there, this is what happens in a corrupt government.

I mean they put people behind bars for traffic tickets, or even jumping the turn style, but in a system where there is a lack of respect for the gay community especially since, "Hate-crimes" have increased and over 70% of those happen to African-Americans, & over 50% of that is Transgender.

Ways to combat this is by, letting your voice be heard, if similar circumstances occur to you then talk about it. Fight for your rights when you feel like you are being mistreated, report it. The Message that New York is sending is that one life is more valueble then another cause had that been a heterosexual white-female the punishment would of been much more severe.

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