Monday, August 26, 2013

TOP 5 REASONS: Why Beer is Hazardous for your health

1)Say GoodBye to your Folic Acid
According to the Harvard School of Public Health Folic Acid can reduce your chances of Heart Disease, as well as colon & Breast cancer, If you consume to much beer then you can kiss your folic acid goodbye, casue after 7 glasses of beer in a day you are reducing your 400mcg of folic acid you need each day as a part of a helthy diet.

2)Are You a Victim of Peer Pressure?
Due to the fact that beer is a social drink, unless you are a dead beat, who's just addicted. Most people who drink it are a product of their
enviroment, cause in all honesty beer is a acquired taste, that taste like puke in some cases, & considering that people are just doing it to fit in. It's not really
healthy mentally.

3)May Cause Weight Gain or Obesity! 
Beer has carbonation, & even light beer has a larger then what's needed calorie level.  All of the weight you put on while "downing a cold one", can lead to obesity, & or increase your risk of Heart Disease, or Type 2 Diabetes.

4)Can Cause Beer Belly
 Yea you might be on a good one, but let's be real because of the depletion in Folic Acid, & heavy Carbonation beer can give you a gut, similar to drinking to much soda, unless you are into being a pregnant man, or unpregnant woman, we suggest you drink beer in moderation, and that all depends on the person behind the glass.

5)Beer Can Lead to Liver Damage(that's Irreversible) 
Heavy drinking of beer can cause damage to your called Cirrhosis which is irreversible. It can lead you to needing a liver transplant, & also cause other 
health problems.

People like doing bad things, and to much of anything can be a bad thing, but doing things just because other people manipulate, or verbally force you to is dated, and the choice should be yours weather you want to be obese, or gain heart disease!

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