Monday, August 12, 2013

WHAT A COMEBACK #SPORTSEDITION: Christine Ohuruogu runs 400M Quicker then most men.

Christine Ohuruogu was somewhat an underdog in monday nights 400M race, 

everyone was sure that Amantle Montsho of Botswana would take the gold, but a close race end head-to-head,& the winner Is Christine Ohuruogu of the U.K. wins the gold with a time of 

49.404, pussy power most men aren't even that fast. 


1) Christine Ohuruogu 49.404(UK)G

2)Amantle Montsho 4.408 (BOTSWANA)S

3)Antonina Krivoshapka 49.78 (RUS)B


When you watch the footage it looks as if it were a tie based on the last few yards, but it was a photo finish with one winner.  

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