Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#WTF are those: Horned Sea Monster found on shore.

Scientistis and experts are questioning the remains of what appears to be a large sea monster, found by locals living in Villaricos a coastal town of Spain. Some experts are saying that the "not so nicley aroma therap remains", is that of an Oarfish.

The local papers were joking, & comparing the remains of the supposed seamonster to the of the Loch Ness monster.

The Stats of the creatures remains are: 13' Feet Long
which is why its drawing comparisons to the Oarfish due to the fact that its similar structure, and it can grow from 10'-33' feet in size.

One of the reps from the Civil Protection was quoted saying the following when asked about the unidentified monster: "We have no idea what it was. It really stank, as it was in the advanced stages of decomposition."

One thing is for sure it sure would catch you of guard being @ a beach and finding the remains of a "WTF is that". 

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