Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MisUse in US Surveillance & Ways You Are Being Spied On

The N.S.A(National Security Agency) is constantly being brought in front of a judge for misuse in the surveillance of suspect terrorist, only to find out that people being
phone tapped, or surveillanced have nothing to do with the matter.

The act of phone tapping was set into play during the Bush Administration, but the Obama administration is on the receiving end of all of the back fire from them amendment thieving policy,  which puts people under unlawful electronic surveillance.

The N.S.A hides behind the notion that the database is so large that no single agent
is effeciently knowledgeable on how to use it(then why use it @ all). A former Intellignace contractor released documentation on the matter which showed a substantial amount of trawling by NSA. The Date showed: IP addresses, internet user names, calling patterns, as well as telephone numbers.

One judge who was just over the misuse and representation by the NSA/US Gov entirely  so the Judge ordered a "End-to-End" view of its processes & policies. While also ordering close monitoring of its activities.

That didn't stop the NSA, a Justice Department Lawyer noticed a supposed "VIOLATION" of its surveillance rules. With an alarming distribution of 189
phone records/emails to be handled with care, instead its given to the large
lump sum of people which only 53 had access to it to being with. :

Waltons Notes
Note; Only 1,935 of 17,835 of list investigators met the legal requirements in 

Note; in November 2009 that on the same day the NSA counterterrorism office reminded employees they were not allowed to indiscriminately share phone records with co-workers — and one day after a similar reminder from the agency's lawyers — an NSA analyst improperly shared information with colleagues who were not approved by the intelligence court to see it. 

Constant misuse on a system that is hardly regulated, I mean of the system hasn't been thought through properly it can only lead to more abuse/misuse.

Ways You are Being Spied on:: 
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