Sunday, September 1, 2013


Planning on taking a trip anytime soon, well if so there are afew cities you might want to avoid, or use precaution all together.

 The Second Largest City in Honduras, and most lethal in the world, it has a Population or 719,447 as of 2012, and a murder rate of 1,218. 83% of all Homicides in this city are due to Gun Violence.
On The Flipside there are theaters, Water Parks, & Museums, but all that comes @ a risk.

2)Acupulco, Mexico
A Once famed getaway for tourist, has people running away from the beachy paradise. The is a population of 818,853 & of that 1,170 end up dead. This comes from the high drug wars.

3)Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas is the Largest City in Venezuela,
running the meter in deaths to 3,862 or a city with a population @ 3,247,971 & with a PHUCKED UP economy, & very little punishment when a crime is committed we highly advise you not to be a statistic.

                                                         4)THE FEDERAL DISTRICT IN FRANCISCO MORAZAN     
With a Population over 1.1Million, & a death rate of 1,149, & 1 police officer per 1,752 the law is outnumbered 50to1.....

(Note: Photo to the left is a picture of the Failed Politician/to some hero Jose' Franciso Morazon, located in the capital TEGUS)

1,087 civilians of a 1.1Million Populations in Torreon, get the "Off with thier head treatment", literally this is mostly to blame on the Drug-war, that eventually spills stateside leaving its victims headless and in a body bag.

6)Macelo, Brazil
                                                                                    With a Decrease in homicidal activity, but still a lethal destination. Macelo, Brazil bows in notoriously @ #6 with a Pop: 932,748, & of those 801 people end up in the cemetery..

7)Cali, Colombia
Pop: Over 2.5Million
& Death & Violence Rate: 11,819
Drug Cartels, & Guerilla Warfare dominate the country....

Flipside there is a tourist scene with historic landmarks, restaurants & nightclubs it might be a risky getaway, but with the right pre-caution you can still have a good time.

8)Sao Luis, Brazil
POP: 1,014,837 with a
Death Rate: 509

16th largest city in Brazil, & it may be a beautiful destination, but this beauty may come @ the price of your life. This is Due to Gang Ware fare & Violence.

9)Detroit, Mi, U.S.A
Detroit Michigan a city that fell from grace, Once booming from the Auto Industry, now the most violent city in the U.S.A in terms of death with a 386 Kill Rate, of a 606,585 population(not including the metro area).

10)Guayana, Venezuela
Death Rate: 578 of a
Population: 1,050,283

Venezuela taking more cake, not tha this behavior is worthy, but this is due to violence, even though seemingly close to the amazons, you should probably skip the tourist portion (of the city),& head straight to the jungle.


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