Friday, June 27, 2014

Dracula Untold: "You Mean foretold a Million times"

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"Dracula Untold", another epic about the legend that is Dracula a.k.a "Vlad The Impaler". Seems to me as much as I have a Vampire obsession, with Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire, TVD, The Originals, etc>>> I would be exstatic, but I kind of feel like the story of Dracula "The Dark Prince", is #OverPlayed, & getting lame. 

What saves this in my eyes is the fact that the writers/producers went for a different perspective, the irony that he can be Evil/Hero/Hot all in one take. He has good intentions by the motive of wanting to save his family, but the road there he uses a new evil = #VAMPIRE.

Dracula Untold: in theaters Oct 17th, 2014 trailer

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